Giorgio Bertolone

Giorgio Bertolone

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First Name * Giorgio
Last Name * Bertolone
Username * Lupin500
Country * Canada
City Vancouver
Nationality Italian
Languages EnglishItalian


Current Position Rigger
Areas of Expertise Motion Picture or VideoTelevisonVFX
Preferred Tools Character SetupRiggingMayaSoftimage XSI3D Studio MaxRhinoceros 3DEndorphinMELOSX &LinuxAppleScriptShakeAfter EffectsPremiereCombustionPhotoshop




My name is Giorgio Bertolone and I currently live in Vancouver, Canada. I was originally born in Italy but I moved away to follow my aspirations. I’ve been interested in animation and art since I was a kid and I always dreamed of having a job related to my passions. After studying Graphic & Virtual Design at university I decided to follow my dreams and I moved to Canada to study 3D Animation and Visual Effects at the Vancouver Film School where I graduated in October 2006.

I work in the VFX industry as Character TD, and more specifically and less esoterically, I get paid to transform three-dimensional rigid models of characters and creatures in animatable setups to be used in movies and shows. I love my job and the daily challenges that come with it are the best part.